Performance Training Plan

What do you get with a Performance Training Plan?

You’ve tried to make a generic triathlon training plan or running triathlon plan from a book or a website fit your life. But, it just isn’t working out.

You need a training plan that is customized to your lifestyle, schedule, and race calendar. Yet, you don’t need the one-to-one services of a coach.

We've got an option for you!

Our Performance Training Plans match your:

  • Goals
  • Race Calendar
  • Athletic history
  • Strengths & limiters
  • General schedule 
  • Lifestyle
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Multi-Sport Plans

$ 450 For 4 months

Single Sport Plans

$ 325 For 4 months
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How it works:

  • You will complete an athlete information questionnaire, which provides some basic information we’ll need to create your plan.
  • After we review your forms, we schedule a 30-minute phone call consultation to ask additional follow-up questions to make sure the plan meets your needs.
  • Within 14 days from this information-gathering process, we create a custom training plan (4-month minimum), which we will upload to your TrainingPeaks account. (If you don’t have a TrainingPeaks account, that’s okay! We can make you one.)
  • Performance Training Plans will be loaded to your schedule in one piece, and do not include revisions to the plan, data analysis, or one-to-one correspondence.
  • New for 2024 – all custom training plans automatically include our #NLECrew team membership for the duration of the plan!
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