Mission, Vision & Values

Core Values


We empower athletes and coaches to dream big in endurance sport to improve our lives and the lives of others.


We will create a space of inclusion and social justice where all can rise to our potential in sport and in life.



Everyone is welcome.

We believe that every body deserves a safe space to dream big and work toward audacious goals. We strive to create this space within endurance sport. We believe that athletes who are supported by a strong and positive community are empowered to strive for their very best. This support benefits us in all aspects of our lives and society.

All athletes deserve a coach.

All athletes deserve a coach to maximize their potential. We believe that speed, ability, and talent is relative to each athlete as an N=1. We work with our athletes to help them find their personal best.

Communication is Key.  

Communication is at the center of what we do. It forms trust, relationship, and connection between you and your coach. There are no limits to communication for our one-to-one coached athletes. Ask questions, get feedback, rely on expert advice, use us as a “sounding board”, seek accountability, and count on us to be your cheerleader.

Coaching is Art and Science.

Our coaches are life long learners, staying current on the latest research. This research provides context as we design your training program, race strategy, and fueling & hydration guidelines. Our coaches work collaboratively, sharing knowledge in best practices in endurance sport to ensure our athletes achieve their goals.

Scientific studies are based on population averages, but you aren’t the average athlete. You are an N of 1. Our coaches have the experience and knowledge to apply research to your specific circumstances. This is the art of coaching. Our creativity comes from designing programs that combine sound scientific context, best practices in training, and match them to the demands of YOUR life.

You are Unique. 

Our athletes come to us for different reasons, and have a unique “why” that drives them. For this reason, we don’t (and can’t) offer a one-size-fits all approach. We take the time to get to know you, and make certain the program is creatively customized to your unique circumstances.

If you want to learn more about the range of services included with our one-to-one coaching services, please click here! If you want to understand better how coaching works, please click here.


You Deserve a Coach With No Limits

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