Coach Mentorship Program

Coaching Mentorship

We offer a 1:1 professional mentorship program for endurance sport coaches in triathlon, running, cycling, and swimming.

Whether you want to support your athlete’s progress or grow your business, our mentorship programs are driven by your questions and goals, and they may cover topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Working with Athletes
    • Programming – from the year to the week
    • Strengthening the athlete-coach relationship
    • Applying the research to your athlete who is N=1
    • Data analysis, via TrainingPeaks or WKO5
    • Conducting video/form analysis
    • Programming for ultra-course athletes in ultra-running, stage racing, and 281.2+ triathlons. 
  • Growing your business
    • Developing a business plan
    • Business administration and billing
    • Hiring staff
    • Athlete Recruitment & Retention
    • Business development & marketing
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1-Month Mentorship Session – $120

  • 1 x 1 hour zoom or phone call, covering topics/questions of your choice.
  • Access to additional resources relative to the topic of the session & your individual needs
  • Written report of the meeting
  • Email correspondence for additional questions, follow up, etc. within 30 days of initial session.
  • For in-person meetings, add $50. In-person meetings held within a 20 mile/30 minute radius of Conifer, Colorado.

Multi-Month Mentorship Program

  • Our multi-month mentorship program includes all of the services above. For multi-month programs, you may request a letter of recommendation at the end of the program.
  • 3 months Mentorship – $325
  • 6 months Mentorship – $600.
  • For in-person meetings, add $50 per meeting. You may choose to do 1 or more meetings in-person, or do all via Zoom/Phone. In person meetings held within a 20 mile radius of Conifer, Colorado.

About the Mentor

Mentorship is provided by Head Coach Maria Simone, the owner of No Limits Endurance Coaching.

Coach Maria works with athletes of all ability levels, from beginner to competitive age group, for distances from the Olympic Triathlon to ultra-triathlon and in running from 5k to ultra-running. Her “bread and butter” athlete is the one who isn’t afraid to set big dreams and put in the work to make it happen. She actively mentors her staff of 8 coaches, as well as coaches from other teams and business. Her goal is to advance the profession of coaching, to empower both coaches and athletes to live their best lives. 

Maria is an active endurance athlete, focusing on long course events, from Ironman to Double Iron-Distance, and up to 200 miles in ultra-running. She is an enthusiastic ambassador for all things endurance sport. Triathlon and ultra-running have revolutionized her life, teaching her to  fear less and live more.

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