Coach Jason Bahamundi


Raise your hand if you would have said that a Puerto Rican kid, born in the Bronx and living in New York for 34 years would be a triathlete and ultra runner. If you raised your hand, you’re lying but that is exactly what Jason is doing! Living in New York, the idea of triathlon and trail running was nonexistent, but today that is exactly where you’ll find him.

Jason lives by the motto #AllGas #NoBrakes because he wants to challenge himself (and you along the way) to extract every ounce of ability out of his and your potential. He believes that there is nothing worse than wasting talent by not believing in yourself, so you’ll see him post a goal and it seems absurd and it should be because for him failure is the building block of success.

Competition is what gives Jason life. For him, that competition isn’t always in the form of beating the other athlete but in beating the person he was yesterday.

He mixes his intensity with a deep joy for truly living life. Sit down with him, run or ride with him and you are sure to have a conversation that ranges from the mundane to the wild while hearing a roar of laughter.

Don’t take your life too seriously, go out and make mistakes and laugh at yourself…it’s OK but just remember to get up the next day and be better than you were yesterday!

In addition to coaching, Jason is the owner and founder of Run Tri Bike Magazine, a media outlet that is devoted to celebrating the endurance lifestyle while working to expand diversity and inclusivity in sport.

Triathlon Highlights

  • 8x Ironman Finisher
  • Ironman Bronze All World Athlete

Running Highlights

  • 2016 6th Place Overall Coldwater Rumble 100 Mile Trail Race
  • 2016 4th Place Overall Wild Hare 50 Mile Trail Race
  • 5x Finisher Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler including 1st AG in 2018
  • 2019 3rd Place Overall Coyote 50 Mile Trail Race
  • 2019 Western States Finisher
  • 2021 Inaugural Cocodona 250 Finisher
  • 2021 2nd Place Overall Crazy Desert 50k Trail Race

Cycling Highlights

  • 2020 5th Place Overall Pumpkin Holler 30 Mile Gravel Ride

*Jason is available for new clients. Contact us for information!  

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