Nutrition Coaching

Winning Nutrition

Need assistance with both your daily nutrition and your race day fueling? We offer nutrition coaching with Coach Lindsay to support your weight loss, performance and health goals. 

Nutrition Coaching includes: 

  • Initial phone consultation and assessment to review nutrition/weight loss and body composition/sports nutrition goals
  • Strategies to tackle mental road blocks and weight loss plateaus
  • Regular food log reviews and guidance by coach (via email or phone)
  • Grocery list ideas
  • Specific plans for pre, during and post workout
  • Race day nutrition plan specific to your needs
  • Weekly weigh ins reported to coach
  • Monthly body fat measurements (if you have a scale accessible) reported to coach
  • Monthly measurements reported to coach
A bowl filled with berries and nuts.
A sandwich on a plate with asparagus and tomatoes.

Costs for this service: 

  • $50 per week
  • 20% discount with Athlete Edge coaching services ($40/week)
  • 10% discount with one-to-one coaching services ($45/week)
  • All plans have a 10 week minimum

Want more information? Ready to get started? Contact us today! 

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