Resolution Challenge

Defy Expectations. Reach for more in 2024!

The Endurance lifestyle is a journey and we want you to DEFY EXPECTATIONS with the 2024 No Limits Resolution Challenge. In our fourth year of the Resolution Challenge, we’ve helped people commit to their goals, increase their fitness, and prepare for the athletic accomplishments to come in the new year. We’ve also raised a lot of money for our charities! 

The Challenge features an 8-week training program for endurance athletes, starting on January 1st and running through February 25th. It’s designed for beginners and for those looking to get back into a routine after the holidays. You’ll get a training plan, live zoom workouts, community support, educational resources – and much more! 

Do you want to defy expectations for what you can accomplish? Then reach for more in 2024 with us! 

Earn points for consistent training, and our top point-earners will win great prizes from No Limits and our sponsors. All participants will receive a sweet finisher swag bag. 

Do good for yourself, and do good for others as 100% of the net proceeds from this challenge benefit Protect Our Winters, our charity partner. 

Register Now! 

What’s included? 

  • 8 week training base plan. You have the option to upgrade to a race-specific training plan. 100% of your upgrade fees will go to our charity!
  • Premium TrainingPeaks Account
  • Live Zoom Workouts (recordings are available if you can’t make it) 
  • Facebook Group for Challenge Participants (ask questions, create community, monitored by the coaches)
  • Group Zoom Calls with the coaches
    • Orientation Call
    • Bi-weekly group Zoom calls during which you can ask questions, learn from the coaches, and support other challenge participants
  • Ability to attend No Limits Endurance Coaching team meetings in January and February 
  • Prizes for top points-earners & a finisher swag package
  • The value of this package is over $400!

100% of the net proceeds supports our Partner Charity Protect Our Winters

As our world continues to be impacted by climate change, we are feeling the impacts in our daily life, and for our races. Wildfires. Extreme storms. Extreme temperatures. We can support Protect Our Winters and their mission to help passionate outdoor people protect the places and experiences they love from climate change.


Win Prizes!

You can win prizes by being consistent and committed to your training. Here’s how it works!  

Earn points by completing training in each of our activity categories, which include: 

  • Cardiovascular sessions: such as swim, bike, run, walk, rowing, and the like. 
  • Strength – this may include functional/bodyweight strength or traditional lifting/weights
  • Yoga & Mobility – this may include a full yoga class, or some type of mobility work (such as a dynamic stretching sequence or foam rolling)

Earn 1 point per day when you complete at least 30 minutes in one of the above activities. You must complete at least 30 minutes of a single activity to get the point. You do not earn additional points for longer sessions. For example, 60 minutes of a single category is still 1 point. 

Earn up to a maximum of 2 points per day if you do more than one activity. For example, swim 30 or more minutes + yoga 30 or more minutes = 2 points. No more than 2 points per day. If you swim 30 minutes, and do yoga for 20 minutes, that is 1 point. 

Earn an additional point each week by including at least one 30 minute session of each of the above categories throughout the week (extra 1 point per week). This means you do at least one 30 minute session in cardio, one in strength, and one in yoga or mobility. 

Total weekly possible = 15 points. If there is a tie – that’s okay! We are all here to WIN our fitness and spark our own adventure. We’ve got plenty of prizes to all be winners!

Special thanks to our sponsors!

We’ve got an amazing line up prizes, swag and discounts from these partners who want to support your commitment to YOU and our collective commitment to helping others. 

While we are still bringing sponsors on board, here’s our most recent list of supporters:

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