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5 Tips to Make Your New Year Resolutions A Reality

By Coach Maria Simone

Many of us will take part in the tradition of making new year resolutions to be better in some way. But, for many, the commitment to these resolutions will dwindle as the sparkle of the new year fades. In fact, most will not continue past early February on the road to their goals.

What’s up with that?

The problem is that most new year resolutions are too vague: “eat healthy,” “get in shape,” “be more consistent with training.” These resolutions don’t hold us accountable to actionable goals.

These resolutions may also tend to be phrased in restrictive ways, rather than in ways that open us up to new possibilities.

So, this year, instead of making vague resolutions, set specific goals that will lead you where you want to go.

Maybe you want to run your first 5k–or your go for a personal best marathon. Maybe you want to give triathlon a try – or go for a PR at your favorite distance. Maybe you want to pursue an adventure you’ve always dreamed of, such as hiking Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon.

Whether you want to go for your first or your fastest, set measurable goals and create an action plan that will hold you accountable to specific milestones.

Here are 5 tips to make your new year resolutions a reality this year.

1. Reflection

Set aside some time in the next few weeks to reflect upon those goals you really want to achieve this year, next year, in the next five years. As you set your goals, identify what strengths you already possess and what weaknesses will need to be addressed in your pursuit of the prize.

2. Make goals realistic.

It’s good to have ambitious goals. But if those goals are too ambitious, you risk disappointment and frustration. If those goals are not realistic enough, you won’t have the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from pushing beyond your comfort zone

Finding the balance between under- and over-reaching can be tricky, which is why it’s so important to take time to reflect–back to tip #1! Be honest about your strengths and your weaknesses, and what is meaningful to you. If your goal will take several years, chunk it up so you have a meaningful and measurable goal to hit this year.

A new years resolution may be difficult to achieve because we think it is impossible to achieve. By ensuring goals are realistic, we can take the first step to accomplishing them.

3. Make sure time is on your side. 

At least part of being realistic is making sure you have the time to commit to achieve your training goals. Time is based on overall time to reach the goal, as well as the daily and weekly training commitment.

Let’s say you want to tackle your first Ironman triathlon, and race day is a year away. Is a year enough time to reach this goal? If you have a base level of fitness and experience in triathlon, the answer is yes. (Are you ready to go the Ironman distance? Read this article to find out.)

Additionally, you need to ask if you have enough time each week to commit to the training for this goal. If you only have a maximum of 10 hours a week to train, now may not be the best time to commit to the iron distance. But, on 10 hours a week, you could put together a much more workable and successful training plan for the half-iron distance. (For time management tips, read this post.)

Pre-season is the best time to think about what you want to accomplish this spring, summer and fall. (Need tips planning a race calendar? Check out this post.)

4. Make goals specific and measurable.

Running your “fastest marathon time” is a good goal. Giving yourself a specific time or effort to shoot for is an even better one. A specific goal allows you to measure progress and to hold yourself accountable to your training plan.

Additionally, these specific and measurable goals will drive your daily training decision making. If you aren’t sure how a day’s training fits in with your larger goals, then that training session needs to be reworked. Want tips for making specific, measurable goals? Check out this post.

Community support can help hold you accountable to your new years resolutions. We offer team memberships, that include access a private group monitored by the coaches, monthly team meetings (on zoom), discounts with our partners, training resources, training plans (tier 2) and more.

5. Celebrate the milestones along the way.

Every major goal – such as running your first marathon – has milestones that you must pass along the way to ensure you are on track. Identify the sub-goals you must meet along the way – and reward yourself accordingly for achieving them. If a goal may take several months (or years!) to achieve, then recognizing these significant milestones is important to help maintain focus and motivation.

Turn your new years resolutions into achievements! Goals – and the achievement of goals – gives purpose to daily activities and brings satisfaction to life. With focus, commitment and hard work, there are no limits to the goals you can reach!

Want help achieving your big dreams? We can help you determine what sort of package works best for you: one-to-one coaching, training plan, or team membership. Set up a free consult today!

Create the Year You Want
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