15 Minute Core Workouts You Can Do Everyday

Our core is the engine that powers our movements. It is the center and starting point for all of the work that we do as runners or triathletes. Every movement you make and every goal you have is supported by your core. Want to have a strong finish? Build a strong core.  What to prevent[…]

Some Basics of Threshold Testing for Swimming, Cycling & Running

Many of us have come to recognize fitness or threshold testing as 20-60 minutes of pure burning hell. It typically involves a lot of drooling, cussing, burning sensations, and squirrely-feeling body parts. For some, vomit may be involved. These assessments are not simply meant as terrible torture devices. They provide important information regarding our functional[…]

Unlock your speed: Train three elements of aerobic capacity

Professional athletes and those speedsters in our age group may leave us wondering: why are some people so fast?  Assuming your endurance base is set, speed comes primarily from developing three physiological elements: 1) VO2max, 2) lactate threshold, and 3) economy. The bad news: our ability across these three factors is due to genetics – at least[…]

Specificity Training: What’s the purpose of your workout?

  Do you remember a time when you exercised simply for your health? Maybe you went to the gym and did whatever felt right for the day. Maybe you ran a few miles several times a week. Maybe you took group classes to push yourself and stay motivated. There is no doubt that exercise, performed[…]

How fast can I go?

  When we train for a new distance, we usually ask, “Do you really think I can go that far?” But, as we become accustomed to the increased distance,  the question moves very quickly from “how far?” to “how fast?” In this post, I’d like to focus on two traditional speed training sessions for either[…]

Add Some Hill Training and Hill Repeats to Boost Strength and Speed

When I was training for my first ultra-marathon, I learned how important hill training and hill repeats are to develop strength, endurance and power. But, you don’t need to be training for an ultra or a hilly race to reap the benefits of hill training. Hill training and hill repeats offer benefits for all runners[…]

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