Some Basics of Threshold Testing for Swimming, Cycling & Running

Many of us have come to recognize fitness or threshold testing as 20-60 minutes of pure burning hell. It typically involves a lot of drooling, cussing, burning sensations, and squirrely-feeling body parts. For some, vomit may be involved. These assessments are not simply meant as terrible torture devices. They provide important information regarding our functional[…]

How fast can I go?

  When we train for a new distance, we usually ask, “Do you really think I can go that far?” But, as we become accustomed to the increased distance,  the question moves very quickly from “how far?” to “how fast?” In this post, I’d like to focus on two traditional speed training sessions for either[…]

Finding Your Zone – Training with Heart Rate

There are a variety of metrics you can – and should – use when tracking your training. For purposes of tracking your intensity – from easy to very hard – or for tracking your progress based on how much effort you’re putting in versus how much speed you are getting out, heart rate is one[…]

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