How to Implement Strength Training Using Periodization

Be strategic by using periodization to organize phases of your strength training. ~By Coach Lindsay Leigh Strength training supports our performance and reduces injury risk. Given how important this is for endurance athletes need strength training, we’ll cover some best practices for implementing a periodized strength training routine throughout your season. Phase 1: Adapt Before[…]

Build to a Better Race Day: Specificity, Intensity & Recovery

If you are in the final months before your key A race, then you are probably in or getting ready to start the build (a.k.a. specific preparation) period. (Not sure what I mean by a build/specific prep period? Check out our post about the principles of periodization.) During the build period, the main focus is[…]

Specificity Training: What’s the purpose of your workout?

  Do you remember a time when you exercised simply for your health? Maybe you went to the gym and did whatever felt right for the day. Maybe you ran a few miles several times a week. Maybe you took group classes to push yourself and stay motivated. There is no doubt that exercise, performed[…]

Taper Tips for Racing in Triathlon and Running

The taper is a period of training that includes a reduction in volume to allow the body to adapt to the previous periods of training stress. Tapers vary based on race distance, weekly training volume and intensity, race goals, and coaching philosophy. So, it is challenging to provide a one-size-fits-all answer to the taper question.[…]

Principles of Periodization and Your Best Performance

When I rowed crew in high school, my coach Joe Haney would preach to us during our workouts–on land and at sea–about the ways in which our training was designed to achieve peak performance for our big races at the end of the season. periodization He knew his stuff. During the four years I rowed[…]

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