Course Overview: Happy Valley Ironman 70.3 – From a Coach/Athlete’s Perspective

By Coach Lindsay Zemba Leigh  As a seasoned triathlete and coach who has raced the inaugural Happy Valley Ironman 70.3 course (and is heading back this year), I can attest to the unique challenges and exciting experiences that await athletes in this iconic event. Let’s delve into the swim, bike, and run courses from my[…]

The Keys to Having Your Best Run off the Bike

By Coach Mike Stout Running off the bike can be where the race is won and lost. When I first started doing duathlons and triathlons, I thought the run was going to be my strongest discipline, especially since I came from a running background and considered myself a strong runner.  Was I ever wrong! During[…]

Fueling & Hydration Series 4: Hydration & Electrolytes

In this fourth video of our fueling & hydration series, Coach Maria offers insights for your fluid and electrolyte intake. She covers: using a sweat test to determine your sweat loss, which can help you identify fluid & electrolyte needs (Note: your goal isn’t 100% replenishment!) understanding how weather impacts hydration needs tallying your total[…]

Moments that Matter: 2015 Virginia Double Anvil Race Report

[The USA Ultra Tri’s Virginia Anvil is a double-iron distance race featuring a 4.8 mile swim, a 224 mile bike, and a 52.4 mile run. This race report is from Coach John’s experience at the 2015 event, which was held October 9-10, 2015.] “In every challenging and difficult moment there is potential value, you have[…]

Featured Food: Beet It Real Good

Variety is an important component to maintaining a healthy and nutrient-dense diet. But, cooking unfamiliar foods can be intimidating. On the other hand, re-introducing foods that we thought we didn’t like as kids or younger adults may not be appealing. Over the course of the past decade, John and I have gradually evolved our eating[…]

Specificity Training: What’s the purpose of your workout?

  Do you remember a time when you exercised simply for your health? Maybe you went to the gym and did whatever felt right for the day. Maybe you ran a few miles several times a week. Maybe you took group classes to push yourself and stay motivated. There is no doubt that exercise, performed[…]

Principles of Periodization and Your Best Performance

When I rowed crew in high school, my coach Joe Haney would preach to us during our workouts–on land and at sea–about the ways in which our training was designed to achieve peak performance for our big races at the end of the season. periodization He knew his stuff. During the four years I rowed[…]

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