Hydration Tips: Are you drinking enough?

by Coach Lindsay Leigh When summer turns up the heat and humidity, it’s hard to keep up with our hydration needs, especially when we train hard. I often field comments from athletes saying they didn’t hydrate enough during the workout or started a workout dehydrated because of not drinking enough through the day. Both of these[…]

Fueling & Hydration Series 6: Sample Fueling Configurations for Different Distances

This is our 6th video in our series of fueling and hydration tips for triathlon and running. Coach Maria reviews sample fueling configurations for different distances – from short course to longer endurance events. She reviews: Sprint through Double Ironman fueling Adapting calorie intake for the bike versus the run Sample products and types of[…]

Fueling & Hydration Series 5: What about caffeine?

In the 5th installment of our video series on fueling and hydration for endurance sport, Coach Maria offers tips and tricks for using caffeine as part of your fueling plan. She reviews: Duration of the race and caffeine use Practicing with caffeine to determine tolerance and impact Sources for caffeine intake Tips for using cola

Fueling & Hydration Series 4: Hydration & Electrolytes

In this fourth video of our fueling & hydration series, Coach Maria offers insights for your fluid and electrolyte intake. She covers: using a sweat test to determine your sweat loss, which can help you identify fluid & electrolyte needs (Note: your goal isn’t 100% replenishment!) understanding how weather impacts hydration needs tallying your total[…]

Fueling & Hydration Series 2: How many calories do you need?

In this second video of our series on fueling & hydration for endurance sport, Coach Maria reviews how many calories you need for cycling and running. She reviews general guidelines based on: sport specific demands – differences in intake for the bike v. the run body size & calorie needs how to gradually increase your[…]

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