Are you eating enough on a plant-based diet?

By Lindsay Zemba Leigh For the past 5 years, plant-based diets have been on the rise in popularity. The 2018 Netflix documentary, The Game Changers, along with the COVID pandemic, have been key catalysts in this growth. Plant-based food sales were up by 27% in 2020, with many citing health reasons for making the switch[…]

Post-season and Pre-season Nutrition

By Coach Lindsay Zemba Leigh  You may wonder if your nutritional needs change through the year depending if you are in your post-season, pre-season, general preparation phase, or specific preparation phase. The answer, like most things, is that it will depend on your specific situation. However, for most of us, we do experience fluctuating nutritional[…]

3 Tips for Mindful Eating

By Coach Lindsay Leigh It’s easy to turn to food for comfort when we’re bored, anxious, and stressed. Comfort food is an easy drug. While we should never focus our eating on restriction and deprivation, we want to ensure that the foods we eat take care of our health and feed our body with nutrient-dense[…]

12 Pantry Staples for Healthy Eating

by Coach Lindsay Leigh We offer 12 of our favorite pantry staples to provide healthy, nutrient-dense, easy, meals. Ensuring you have these items in your pantry can help you limit the frequency of our trips to the grocery store during this time. 1. Beans and legumes. Select a variety of beans, including kidney beans, black[…]

Try new foods and recipes!

By Coach Lindsay Zemba Leigh One of the top reasons people fall off healthy eating is because of boredom. And now that we eating out less or not at all, it’s very easy to get bored with the same “go to” meals or foods day in and day out. So, let’s set the goal of eating[…]

Fueling & Hydration Series 2: How many calories do you need?

In this second video of our series on fueling & hydration for endurance sport, Coach Maria reviews how many calories you need for cycling and running. She reviews general guidelines based on: sport specific demands – differences in intake for the bike v. the run body size & calorie needs how to gradually increase your[…]

Featured Food: Beet It Real Good

Variety is an important component to maintaining a healthy and nutrient-dense diet. But, cooking unfamiliar foods can be intimidating. On the other hand, re-introducing foods that we thought we didn’t like as kids or younger adults may not be appealing. Over the course of the past decade, John and I have gradually evolved our eating[…]

What should I eat? Tips for nutrition for endurance athletes

~ By Coach Maria Simone This is a question that we hear frequently. Since we covered some of the basics of training and race-day fueling, we thought we’d also offer some general principles that we follow in our day to day nutrition. We realize that nutrition is personal, based on an individual’s dietary needs. Gluten[…]

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