The Keys to Having Your Best Run off the Bike

By Coach Mike Stout Running off the bike can be where the race is won and lost. When I first started doing duathlons and triathlons, I thought the run was going to be my strongest discipline, especially since I came from a running background and considered myself a strong runner.  Was I ever wrong! During[…]

Common Training Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

 By Coach Maria Simone Training mistakes: we’ve all made them. Sometimes we re-make them. Other times, we may not know we are making them.  In all cases, minding what I like to call the “1% details” ensures we make the most out of our hard work. After all, all of these 1% details will add[…]

5 Things Beginners Can Do To Improve

By Coach Jason Bahamundi If you’re reading this article, then you are giving endurance sports a shot. That is the first thing you did to improve as a beginner – and probably the most important. Pat yourself on the back and then grab a cup of coffee, because we are going to discuss 5 things[…]

9 Training Tips To Nail Your Next Session

We’ve all been there: a workout goes off the rails. In some cases, a rough training session can be avoided if we take some time prepare the “little details” of execution. Here are 9 training tips to nail your next session. 1️⃣  Prepare your fuel and hydration the night before. Consider the full duration of[…]

Triathlon Transition Tips

If you are getting ready for your first season of triathlon, you may be wondering what exactly needs to happen when you are in transition from one segment to the next. If you’ve been doing this a while, and can’t seem to nail a fast transition – you may be wondering – how can I make[…]

TRI AC Race Report: A First Season Triathlete Pushes Her Limits

[This Tri AC race report comes from one of our athletes, who prefers to stay anonymous. She completed her first triathlon season in 2015. This report is about Tri AC, held on August 9, 2015, which was her third race of the season, and her first race in open water with current AND on a[…]

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