9 Training Tips To Nail Your Next Session

We’ve all been there: a workout goes off the rails. In some cases, a rough training session can be avoided if we take some time prepare the “little details” of execution. Here are 9 training tips to nail your next session. 1️⃣  Prepare your fuel and hydration the night before. Consider the full duration of[…]

6 Differences to Consider if You Race an Early Season Triathlon

~ by Coach Lindsay Leigh During the 2019 season, I raced at Ironman Texas, which took place at the end of April. I’m not alone – there are more and more triathletes getting their season started earlier by traveling to warmer locations. For anyone living in the northern part of the world, the weather is[…]

Am I ready to go the distance? 4 Areas to consider before you sign up for your first Ironman Triathlon

There is a progression of goals in triathlon that usually revolves around two questions: How fast can I go? How far can I go? Since we’ve covered the first question in a previous post, let’s think about the second question, specifically as it relates to an ironman triathlon. If you are a triathlete, this question is[…]

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