9 Training Tips To Nail Your Next Session

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We’ve all been there: a workout goes off the rails. In some cases, a rough training session can be avoided if we take some time prepare the “little details” of execution.

Here are 9 training tips to nail your next session.

1️⃣  Prepare your fuel and hydration the night before. Consider the full duration of your workout–including multiple sports in a continuous session if applicable. Make sure you have enough calories and fluid to support that duration–plus a bit more. Get this set up, and stored the night before, so you can grab and go in the morning (or after work).

2️⃣  Check the weather to ensure you are prepared for the conditions.

3️⃣  Review the workout at least a day ahead of time, and again before you head out. Sometimes, the structured workout doesn’t load properly to your device. By reviewing the workout, you can continue with the session whether the technology works or not.

4️⃣  Plan your day so you have enough time to get your session in. Start by scheduling all of the things with a fixed time. Then, work in the flex-time items, including training. Once your training is scheduled, you increase the chances of getting it done! Set a reminder as a way to hold yourself accountable.

5️⃣  Select a route that is appropriate to the workout, and if appropriate, allows you to refuel and or hydrate, and to get ice/cold rags, etc. as necessary.

6️⃣ Focus on your recovery each day so you can nail the workouts the next day. This includes making sure you get enough sleep, and post-workout recovery refueling within 30 minutes of finishing your workout.

7️⃣  Check your gear – cycling repair kit, tube flat kit, extra clothes (if weather may be variable), hydration vest, and the like. It’s also good to check your bike gearing & brakes on a regular basis. Don’t let your gear derail your day or compromise your safety.

8️⃣ Prepare your clothes the night before – this helps you get dressed and go if you are training first thing.

9️⃣  Work your mental training every day! The physical work is only part of it. Make sure your brain is on board with what you want the body to do.

9 Training Tips To Nail Your Next Session
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