Goal Setting

You signed up for a race. Now what?

By Coach Maria Simone You pause for a moment as the anticipation builds. You click “register.” Just like that: your journey to race day begins! So, um, what happens now? This article helps you answer this question, by outlining the initial steps to your race day success. Set Goals. Your success begins with a vision[…]

Create the Year You Want

5 Tips to Make Your New Year Resolutions A Reality By Coach Maria Simone Many of us will take part in the tradition of making new year resolutions to be better in some way. But, for many, the commitment to these resolutions will dwindle as the sparkle of the new year fades. In fact, most will not continue[…]

Mental Fitness Part 1: What motivates you?

“It is the brain, not the heart or lungs, that is the critical organ; it’s the brain” ~Sir Roger Bannister In a previous post, we talked about developing and writing goals for the coming season. While physical training is an important part of achieving these goals, it is just one element to achieving your season goals.[…]

Achieve Your Goals – Don’t Wish for Them

John qualified for the 2012 Ironman World Championships at Ironman Cozumel in November, 2011. In the year leading up to that race, he wrote down his goals and posted them in our home office, as well as on his desk at work. Those sheets of paper were daily reminders of what he was working toward. They[…]

Register, train, race: It’s that simple to set up your race calendar

I ran into a long-time friend of mine who is recently returning to the gym after taking some time off following the birth of her son. She mentioned that she wanted to try her first official running race this Spring. “But, you know, I don’t know…” As her voice trailed, I seized the moment to[…]

5 Goal-Setting Tips to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

As one year comes to a close and the next one begins, many of us will take part in the tradition of making new year resolutions to be better in some way. Yet, we frequently find that our commitment to these resolutions dwindles as the sparkle of the new year fades. What’s up with that?[…]

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