Your Neutral Spine: Why It Matters and How to Find It

~ By Coach Lindsay Leigh A neutral spine refers to the ideal spinal position we should all try to maintain in our everyday movements, and this ideal position varies from person to person. Being able to maintain a neutral spine is a key part of keeping your back healthy, whether you’re an athlete or a[…]

Balance Your Strength Training for Optimal Results

A balanced strength program balances push and pull, upper and lower body body, and core movements. ~ By Coach Lindsay Leigh There is more to an effective strength program than picking things up and putting them down. As you develop your strength training routine, you want to ensure that you arrange movements within a workout,[…]

Trick Out Your Home Gym

~ By Coach Lindsay Leigh If there was ever a time to create or build out your home gym, thanks to COVID, now is that time!  If your gym is still closed, or you’re not comfortable going to the gym, you can still have a high-quality at-home workout with some key equipment.  In this article,[…]

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