Do You Need to Hire a Coach?

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Take this 10-point quiz to find out!

by Coach Maria Simone

Asking whether you need to hire a coach is fair question, and one that our coaching team has considered at length – especially so given the complexities wrought by living, training and racing through a pandemic. Before we can answer this question, it is probably best to start with what an endurance sport coach does.

Generally speaking, a coach helps an athlete prepare for their optimal performance, through strategic training, analysis and insights, accountability, and support.  Usually, all of this is geared toward a specific event, such as a race. However, COVID taught us that we don’t need races in order to get value from working with a coach. In fact, a coach is probably even more important in these times. Beyond the upheaveal wrought by a global pandemic, busy athletes, with irregular schedules simply can’t find a stock book or internet plan to maximize their abilities and available training time. But, a coach can make that work.  

Based on our experience, the decision to hire a coach is beneficial for athletes who seek:

  • Strategic planning with adaptability and creativity in a training schedule
  • Accountability
  • Analysis and insight
  • Individualized support and communication from an expert
  • Community

However, we know hiring a coach isn’t necessary or an option for everyone. So, to help you determine if hiring an endurance sport coach would be a value to you, we created a 10-point quiz that covers the key value if you hire a coach.

Take the Quiz!

For each of the questions below, consider a 5-point scale, as follows:

1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neutral, 4 = agree, 5 = strongly agree

  1. I need my training to be geared toward achieving my athletic potential, by maximizing my strengths and working on my areas of opportunity.
  2. I need a training plan that maximizes my available (and limited) training time.
  3. I need a training plan that can adapt to the changes in my life, from work, family, friends, etc.
  4. I would like to have someone I can talk to about my training, who can answer my questions, provide insights about my training data, and help me learn more about my sport.
  5. I want assistance with proper fueling and hydration to support my training and racing.
  6. I want to reduce my injury risk.
  7. I value guided mental fitness training.
  8. I want assistance setting goals for training and racing.
  9. I value having a community to connect with throughout my training.
  10. I need someone who helps me stay accountable to my training and my goals.

Add up your points across the 10 questions. If you scored 40 or higher, you would most certainly benefit from deciding to hire a coach. If you scored 30-40 points, it is worth scheduling a free, no obligation consult with us to determine how we can help you right now. We’d love to chat with you!

If you scored under 30, you are very likely rocking your training the way you want, and hiring a coach may not work for you in this moment.

What should I look for in a coach?

If you decide to hire a coach, you also want to make sure you get the right coach for you. Fit matters.

First, decide what sorts of services you want. How important is unlimited communication and revisions? Do you want a coach who will make revisions to your training schedule as life demands it? Do you need a coach who can also provide nutrition counseling and strength work? Do you want the option for in-person coaching, or is virtual coaching the best option for you?

Once you decide the services you want, begin to research the coaches that fit your criteria and budget. I recommend setting up at least 3 interviews, so you can get a sense of what the coach offers – as well as how you fit with their personality and approach. Prepare a list of questions you will ask each coach, to determine how well they will meet your needs.

Give yourself some time to think through these interviews. If you need to ask follow up questions, do so!

If you’d like to set up a consult with us, we’d be honored to make your short list! Set up an appointment today!

As coaches, we love the days when we can see our athletes on course! Throughout the year, we have team races when our coaches are able to attend! We are there for the high fives and the bullhorn!

Do You Need to Hire a Coach?
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