Cold Weather Training Tips: How to Enjoy Winter’s Bite

By Coach Maria Simone “The air bites shrewdly; it is very cold.”  ~Hamlet  Cold weather has always made me think of this line from Hamlet. Coldness “biting” is such an apt metaphor for those winter days when we would rather stay under the covers than head outside to get our move on. But, there are[…]

It’s Not All About the Base

An Overview of the General Preparation Phase of Training By Coach Maria Simone The following are pairs of headlines I found on the internet after a simple search for “base training in endurance sport.” You may read through these articles and headlines, and scratch your head. What the heck?!? Should I go long and easy,[…]

Your Best Race Is In Your Head

8 Mindfulness Practices to Boost Performance By Coach Maria Simone Hard physical work is important for our success. That is a given for us as endurance athletes. However, the hours of hard work are not enough to bring us to our best performance on race day. In order to find that extra bit of our[…]

How to Pick The Right Coach for You

By Coach Lindsay Zemba Leigh  You’re ready to hire a coach to help you achieve your big dreams. But, how do you pick the right coach for YOU and YOUR goals? Start by asking yourself some questions about what you want from the experience. Then, you’ll know what questions to ask when you interview coaches,[…]

How do we run?

An overview of the gait cycle and 3 common form issues By Coach Maria Simone As an endurance athlete, you’ve likely been asked: “Why do you run?” Our friends and family are so curious about why we put so much time and energy into our training. A less-often asked question is: “How do you run?” In[…]

Do You Need to Hire a Coach?

Take this 10-point quiz to find out! by Coach Maria Simone Asking whether you need to hire a coach is fair question, and one that our coaching team has considered at length – especially so given the complexities wrought by living, training and racing through a pandemic. Before we can answer this question, it is[…]

6 Tips for Your DIY Endurance Training Camp

by Coach Maria Simone A training camp is a great way to put in focused training, without the worries and bustle of everyday life getting in the way. Long days of training, followed by great food and recovery support our growth as athletes. In the winter months, some lucky endurance sport enthusiasts may take time[…]

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