Some Basics of Threshold Testing for Swimming, Cycling & Running

Many of us have come to recognize fitness or threshold testing as 20-60 minutes of pure burning hell. It typically involves a lot of drooling, cussing, burning sensations, and squirrely-feeling body parts. For some, vomit may be involved. These assessments are not simply meant as terrible torture devices. They provide important information regarding our functional[…]

Achieve Your Goals – Don’t Wish for Them

John qualified for the 2012 Ironman World Championships at Ironman Cozumel in November, 2011. In the year leading up to that race, he wrote down his goals and posted them in our home office, as well as on his desk at work. Those sheets of paper were daily reminders of what he was working toward. They[…]

Am I ready to go the distance? 4 Areas to consider before you sign up for your first Ironman Triathlon

There is a progression of goals in triathlon that usually revolves around two questions: How fast can I go? How far can I go? Since we’ve covered the first question in a previous post, let’s think about the second question, specifically as it relates to an ironman triathlon. If you are a triathlete, this question is[…]

Off-season: A season of opportunity

You’ve worked hard during the run or triathlon season, and now you are ready to play hard. It’s finally off-season. Good. It’s important to have a break from focused training and racing. But, don’t let the next few weeks or months go by without reflecting on the ways in which you can prepare yourself for an[…]

How frequently can I race? 6 tips for setting up your race calendar

There can be no doubt about it: Racing is fun. And, like most things we enjoy: we want to do it. A. Lot. But, as with all things in life, moderation can be important. Too much racing can wind up being not much fun at all, leading to lackluster performance, burnout, and even injury. None[…]

How much is enough? How do I know how much to train?

“How much should I train each week?” This is one of the most frequent questions we get. Our answer is always the same. “It depends.” Total, weekly and daily training volume depends upon several factors: the type and length of races in which an athlete hopes to compete, the period of the yearly training cycle, the goals of a[…]

Build to a Better Race Day: Specificity, Intensity & Recovery

If you are in the final months before your key A race, then you are probably in or getting ready to start the build (a.k.a. specific preparation) period. (Not sure what I mean by a build/specific prep period? Check out our post about the principles of periodization.) During the build period, the main focus is[…]

Change of Pace: Focus on Effort

I received a text message from a prospective client asking, “If I want to average a 9 minute mile for a half-marathon, what pace should my tempo runs be?” In the log of one of our athletes, I read this post-activity comment, “My pace isn’t what I would like, but my HR was in the[…]

Specificity Training: What’s the purpose of your workout?

  Do you remember a time when you exercised simply for your health? Maybe you went to the gym and did whatever felt right for the day. Maybe you ran a few miles several times a week. Maybe you took group classes to push yourself and stay motivated. There is no doubt that exercise, performed[…]

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